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Car Wash Fundraisers

Are you a coach, PTO member or other volunteer looking for fundraising ideas?

Top Cat Car Wash’s Auto Bath is committed to improving the lives of our customers by supporting local sports teams, schools and other nonprofit organizations through car wash fundraisers.

The Wakefield, MA Girl’s Hockey Team raised $6000 by selling Top Cat Car Wash’s prepaid car wash cards. Their best fundraiser ever!

Car Wash Fundraisers Are:

  • FUN for Players & Students
  • Easy-to-Implement
  • Great Team Builders
  • Widely Supported by the Community
  • Cost Nothing to YOU!

Successful fundraising happens when a nonprofit and a business work together toward a common goal; to improve the well-being of their communities.

Top Cat Car Wash’s Auto Bath Offers 2 Fundraising Programs:

  1. The Prepaid Card – Your sports team, PTO, etc. sells Top Cat Car Wash’s prepaid car wash cards to friends, family and others, and retains 50 percent of all funds collected. We also discount the cost of the card, so your supporters experience extra value while helping your organization. Example: During a Wakefield Girl’s Hockey Team fundraiser, supporters who purchased a prepaid car wash card received $24 worth of car washes, but only paid $20 to purchase the card. The team received $10 from this card sale. Essentially your organization can earn as much as it wants.
  2. The Self Serve Hand Wash – You choose a specific day to host your car wash fundraiser at Top Cat Car Wash’s Auto Bath using our self service car wash bays.Your organization retains 100% of the money you collect from participants. What’s more, Top Cat Car Wash’s donates all cleaning supplies and water. Your volunteers simply show up and wash cars. We know you’re busy, so we’ve removed the hassle of coordinating with your school’s janitor and the juggling of where your water, hoses and soaps will come from. Everything you need is provided by Top Cat Car Wash’s at no charge. Example: Through your team’s marketing efforts, 75 cars participate in your Saturday morning car wash fundraiser. You make the decision to charge $10 per wash. Congratulations! Your team raised $750, while your players worked as a team and had a blast!

Wakefield Lacrosse Raised $1600 • Wakefield Little League Raised $1000 • Wakefield Girl’s Tennis Raised $1000

As a fundraising coordinator, you’ll also enjoy the comfort of knowing that you’re working with a community-minded business that stands behind their service with a Scratch-free Guarantee. What’s more, your supporters will travel from quite a distance, including: Ossipee, Wolfeboro, Wakefield, Freedom, Tamworth and Effingham, because of our exclusive thoroughly clean Lite Touch Car Wash.

Call or email any time to coordinate your next winning fundraiser.